The Development Economics Network Berlin (DENeB) was initiated in summer 2013 by young PhD scholars from different institutions in the Berlin area. DENeB seeks to provide a forum for dedicated development economists to meet regularly, exchange ideas and discuss ongoing work and current research development. 

The main activities organized by DENeB are the bi-weekly Seminar Series and the annual PhD Workshop. These events organized by DENeB are open to all people interested in development economics. In addition, the organizing members of DENeB meet every month to provide time for exchange and to organize the activities. 

Over the last years, DENeB consisted of researchers from many institutes and continues to be organized and coordinated by young scholars from the participating institutions. 

Get engaged: The Organizing Committee of DENeB consists of young researchers from different institutions. If you want to engage in our activities, you are cordially invited to attend one of our monthly internal meetings and/or get in touch with us at deneb@diw.de.