The Network

The Development Economics Network Berlin (DENeB) was initiated in summer 2013. DENeB seeks to provide a forum for development economists in the Berlin area to meet regularly, exchange ideas and discuss ongoing work as well as current research developments. The network consists of researchers from various institutes such as Humboldt Universität, Freie Universität, RWI, ESMT, WZB and DIW.

The Seminar Series

The first initiative of DENeB is the Seminar Series on Development Economics, which was launched in the winter term 2013/14. At the seminar, distinguished senior researchers present and discuss their current work. The seminar takes place every other Monday at 12.30 pm at DIW Berlin (Mohrenstraße 58, Berlin). All researchers and practitioners interested in ongoing research in development economics are welcome to come and participate. A full list of scheduled speakers can be found on the seminar page of our website. The Seminar Series if currently financed by the DIW Berlin, the WZB, the RWI and the MRI.

Research Workshop

We organize PhD research workshop to give young researchers an opportunity to present and discuss their current work. Information about the workshop this year can be found on the PhD Workshop page of our website.

Senior Researchers

DENeB is supported by a number of senior researchers and their institutions: We are very grateful to Lukas Menkhoff and Kati Krähnert from the DIW Berlin, Macartan Humphreys (WZB), Jochen Kluve (RWI), Matthias Kalkuhl (MRI), as well as Rajshri Jayaraman (ESMT).

Get engaged

The Organizing Committee of DENeB consists of a group of young researchers from the different institutes. If you want to get engaged in our activities, you are cordially invited to come to our seminar or get in touch with us at deneb@diw.de.

Find our full information flyer here.