Discussion Round

The DENeB discussion round serves as a platform for Ph.D. and post doc students from Berlin to discuss their own research.

In the DENeB discussion round the emphasis is on discussion and not on presenting, i.e. instead of having a 45-minute presentation all papers/research projects to be discussed shall be circulated beforehand and we start with the discussion right away.

This requires two things for those who want their research to be discussed:

  1. a commitment to attend all discussion rounds during the discussion day even those in which they are not presenting and

  2. the paper/extended abstract to be discussed should be circulated at least three days in advance. Every participant is required to read it and prepare thoughts/questions on it.

If you have questions regarding DENeB's discussion round please contact us as deneb@diw.de.

DENeB discussion round in previous academic years:


Winter semester 2020/2021:

In the winter semester 2020/2021, the discussion round took place virtually as a single discussion day on February 19, 2021. Presenters: Lukas Mogge, Phoebe W. Ishak, Florian Münch, Svenja Fluhrer, Kim Fe Cramer, Damir Esenaliev, Fabian Scheifele, and Jana Hamdan.


Winter semester 2019/2020:


Winter semester 2018/2019:


Winter semester 2017/2018: