Discussion Round

The DENeB discussion round serves as a platform for PhD students and Postdocs from Berlin to discuss their research. In the discussion round the emphasis is on discussion and not on presenting. Instead of having a 45-minute presentation, all papers/research projects to be discussed are circulated beforehand and we start with the discussion right away. 

Participation requires two things for those who want their research to be discussed: 

If you have questions regarding the discussion round, please contact us at deneb@diw.de.

DENeB discussion round in previous academic years:


Winter semester 2020/2021:

In the winter semester 2020/2021, the discussion round took place virtually as a single discussion day on February 19, 2021. Presenters: Lukas Mogge, Phoebe W. Ishak, Florian Münch, Svenja Fluhrer, Kim Fe Cramer, Damir Esenaliev, Fabian Scheifele, and Jana Hamdan.


Winter semester 2019/2020:


Winter semester 2018/2019:


Winter semester 2017/2018: