3D Seminar

Together with the Department of Development Economics at the University of Goettingen researchers, DENeB is providing a new format for policy and practice exchange – the Digital Development Dialogue (3D) seminar series. The aim of this 3D seminar series is to bring together two speakers – one researcher and one policymaker/practitioner – to discuss related topics. The seminar series gives scholars, policymakers and students the opportunity to participate in evidence-based and policy-relevant discussions.

Schedule of speakers - Winter Semester 2021/2022

Time: Thursday, 15:00 - 15:45

Location: Zoom (virtual seminar)

We are looking forward to update the list of speakers for the Summer Semester 2021 in the coming weeks. The seminars are held on Zoom. If you wish to participate, please subscribe to the seminar via the 3D website. Once signed up, you will receive the Zoom link and all instructions to participate. Additionally, DENeB will send reminders in advance to each 3D seminar via the DENeB activities newsletter.

3D Seminar in previous academic years:


Summer semester 2021:


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