Seminar Series

Seminar Series on Research in Development Economics 

DENeb brings together researchers in the Berlin area who are working on themes related to Development Economics. The seminar series gives invited guests the opportunity to present work and receive feedback from members of the network

Schedule of speakers

 Speaker  Title
 24 October 2013
 Rajshri Jayaraman (ESMT)
Productivity Response to a Contract Change
 07 November 2013  Jean-Luis Arcand (Graduate Institute Geneva)Guns, Germs, and Slaves: an Alternative View of the Colonial Origins of Comparative Development
 14 November 2013
 Nathan vials (DIW) Can Small Enterprises Grow? Results from an Experiment in Uganda (article)
 21 November 2013
 Ferdinand Vieider (WZB) Risk Preferences and Development Revisited (article)
 05 December 2013
 Marijke Verpoorten (University of Antwerp)  The Unintended Consequences of an Export Ban: Evidence from Benin's shrimp sector (article)
 19 December 2013  Michael Grimm (University of Passau) Does forced solidarity hamper investment in small and micro enterprises?
 09 January 2014           
 Christian Ambrose ( Free University of Berlin) Remittances and the Financial Management of Migrant Households
 23 January 2014

 Krisztina Kis-Katos ( University of Freiburg) Unintended consequences of anti-corruption strategies: Public fiscal audits and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon
 06 February 2014

 Stephan Klasen ( Universität Göttingen) What explains the stagnation of female labor force participation in urban India?
 20 February 2014  Barbara Fritz  ( Free University of Berlin) Lessons from financial crisis management in emerging markets for the Euro zone
 24 April 2014        
 Jean Marie Baland (Namur University)       

 27 March 2014
 Marcel Fafchamps (Oxford University)  t.b.a.
 05 June 2014    
 Christine Binzel


Time: Thursdays, 17.30
Location: DIW Berlin, Mohrenstraße 58, 10117 Berlin – Eleanor-Dulles-Room (5.2.010)