Seminar Series on Research in Development Economics

Fishing in Myanmar
Photo by Ferdinand Vieider

DENeB brings together researchers in the Berlin area who are working on themes related to Development Economics. The seminar series gives invited guests the opportunity to present work and receive feedback from members of the network

Schedule of speakers - Winter Semester 2018/2019
Time: Thursdays, 12.30
Location: DIW Berlin, Mohrenstraße 58, 10117 Berlin, Friedensburg-Room 2.3.001.

Date Speaker Topic
October 18th Dina Pomeranz, University of Zürich Can audits backfire? Evidence from Public Procurement in Chile (Abstract)
with Maria Paula Gerardino and Stephan Litschig
November 1st,
Karl-Popper-Room 2.3.020
Veronica Frisancho, Inter-American Development Bank
Peer Effects and Academic Achievement: Experimental Evidence from Tracking and Bimodal Classrooms (Abstract)
November 15th Bernd Beber, WZB
The Myth of the Misinformed Irregular Migrant? Insights from Nigeria (Abstract)
November 29th Stefan Klonner, Universität Heidelberg
Social Norms, Women's status and Domestic Violence: Evidence from India's Northeast (Abstract)
December 13th Julian Wucherpfennig, Hertie School of Governance
Trojan Horse, Copycat, or Scapegoat? Re-examining the Refugees-Terrorism Nexus (Abstract)
January 10th, 
Karl-Popper-Room 2.3.020
Salvatore Di Falco, Université de Genève
Farmers to Entrepreneurs (Abstract)
January 11th
Karl-Popper-Room 2.3.020
February 21st
Anna J. Schwartz Room 5.2.010
Pia Raffler, Harvard University

David Strömberg, Stockholm University
Does Political Oversight of the Bureaucracy Increase Accountability? Field Experimental Evidence from an Electoral Autocracy (Abstract)

Social media and protests in China (Abstract)